07 . Pry

Tender Claws (Danny Cannizzaro and Samantha Gorman)

Designed for the affordances of the iPad, Pry‘s goal is to disrupt conventional eBook emulations of the printed page as well as rethink how the poetics of gesture inform reading practices. Haptic processes overlap with cognitive, as the reader is invited to touch the text of the protagonist’s inner thoughts. PRY is composed for the digital. Text and image aren’t segregated, but integrated within conceptually resonant interactions that reflect the form and content of the story itself. Pry questions what happens to text when instead of turning a page, the reader can infinitely scroll a field of obsessive thoughts in any direction or pry apart a character’s subconscious. In one chapter, the reader can force James’ eyes open at any point. If the reader closes his eyes, they return to James’ inner world and find commentary on what he’s just seen. If the reader pinches James’ mind inward, they may encounter a second layer of fragmented commentary. Through a series of unique interactions, the reader unravels the fabric of memory and discovers a story shaped by the lies that we tell ourselves: lies revealed when we pry apart the narrative and read between the lines.

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